"Antenna" N4/2003
By Zifa Arhincheeva


Was born: November 3, 1982 in Urgal village of Khabarovsk district
First coming to ice: 1986
Sport achievements: Male Skating Champion of Russia (1999-2001), Europe Champion (2000 and 2001), World Champion (2001), Silver Medallist of Olimpics-2002
Marital Status: unmarried
Live: in St. Petersburg
Education: studying in Academy of Physical Culture
Pets: 5-years-old Persian cat Lyal'ka and 2-years-old white American bulldog Golden


- Do female fans tire you?

- Sometimes. They accurately write on the walls in my porch. A lot of them go after me along the world. And they almost want to live with me┘

- But your heart is free? Do they have the chance for hope?

- Maybe.

- What about the blonde girl with whom you go to the public sometimes?

- It's just my good friend.

- When did you understand girls are fond of you?

- Recently. About three years ago. And I was very astonished: I have an absolutely regular look.

- What do you hate in a girl?

- Lie. And whether the girl I'll chose will be beautiful or just cute, no matter. Everybody has his own beauty standard.


- Favorite TV show?

- "Bolshay Stirka" ["Big Washing"], "Printsip Domino" ["Domino Principle"], "Okna" ["Windows", the Russian variation of Jerry Springer Show]

- Ballet?

- "Nutcracker", "Giselle".

- Drink?

- Tomato juice, mineral water, Iron Brue

- Dish?

- My mom's pelmeni, borsch, chicken with potatoes.

- Music?

- Russian "chanson" [we call this way singers who also the authors of songs they sing, they sing almost only their own songs, or it's the songs of unknown authors, usually they also play a guitar], pops: Koroliova, Meladze, Varum, Agutin.

- Car?

- Mercedes S, which I drive now. First time I took a rudder when I was 11, I drove a car from 15.

- Country where you like the best to compete in?

- Certainly, Russia.

First time he came to ice when he was 4 years and 2 months. In the age of 15 he became the youngest Figure Skating World medallist in the history. Today 20-years-old Evgeni is a Champion of almost everything possible. But it's not enough for him. He's thinking just about victories. For instance there will be the European's soon. Before its beginning "Antenna" talked to Evgeni and his mom.


- Evgeni, how did you spend the New Year?

- Wonderfully! It's the first time for past nine years we met the whole family! My sister and her daughter came from Volgograd. Usually I celebrate my birthdays and the New Year holidays on the competitions. It's very hard. You can't relax, you think just about future competing.

- Did you have any rituals in the New Year night?

- We had toy goats and sheep on the table and under the Christmas tree and on it. [Symbols of Oriental 12-years Zodiac are very popular in Russia] - began to talk Evgeni's mom Tatiana Vasil'evna. - And the main dish as always is pelmeni. I learn to mould them on BAM. We lived there for seven years. And Zhenechka was born there. So looong. With weight 2900 g his height was 57 sm┘ Well and a hour before the New Year a Ded Moroz [Grandfather Frost, Russian Santa Claus] came to our home. We had the round dance.

- And Zhenya too?!

- No, he took shots. Mainly of his 6-year-old niece Dasha.

- Evgeni, what a wish you though when the clock stroke twenty?

- I won't tell you. What if it won't come true? I'm always afraid to look forward. For instance before the Russian Nationals I was in an excellent form, but suddenly became ill. For two weeks I laid out of flu. Now need to prepare maximally for Europeans, yet not to force the events for not to have the injury.

- (T.V.) I'm so afraid the complications, flu is so dangerous a thing. Last summer he wasn't cured to the end and then for several days had to laid under a dropper. Now when he didn't finally recover, I didn't let him go to the skating rink. While little, Zhenya was often ill, I could make him healthy only by the sport.

TO PETER [St. Petersburg] - FOR LUCK

- Do you remember your first victory?

- Certainly. When I was seven, I won in the Crystal Skate tournament in Samara. I was gifted an electronic game "The Air Fight". I felt very happy, it seemed the biggest competition in the world.

- Your sport life seems to be astonishingly lucky┘

- In fact I wanted to abandon it for three times. First time when I was eight. We lived in Volgograd and I quarreled with my coach. I didn't skate for 4 days till the coach rang me up and apologized. Next time has been in Peter, when I was 11 and was trained by Alexey Mishin. In his group there were many perspective pupils - Urmanov, Yagudin. And he spent me few time, just some 10-15 wretched minutes. We discussed it with my mom and decided - there wouldn't be the progress. We bought the tickets to go home. And went to say good-buy to Mishin. And by some a miracle he persuaded me to stay. The ticket was "burnt".

- And when has the third time been?

- About seven years ago. I didn't succeed in certain things. I was nervous. And also I suffered so mush (despite of I never confessed in it) because of I separated my family. My mom moved with me, but dad with my sister (she's 6 years elder than me) stayed in Volgograd. Now I'm madly thankful to my parents that they gave me the possibility to continue occupying my favorite business.

- (T.V.) What a lot of tears was spilt then. Maybe for young ones it's easier, but I was 38 then. To change all life, to wander by flats┘ And without money. We had no idea then that with the figure skating you can make money and not only for the bread. Before that our family parted seldom. Only when Zhenya was 6, his father Victor Vasil'evitch was called to remove the Chernobyl break-down consequences. He sent us the photo - he stay dressed in white clothes and hat on the background of some constructions. Joyful Zhenya run to his training swinging the photo "My dad is a doctor now!"

- (Evgeni) Happily five years ago my father moved to St.Petersburg. Only Lena still can't decide to come here. I'm glad that now I support all my family and my parents have a rest. They are occupied with the dog, with their grand-daughter. With my father I often play billiards, go to the country-side.


- What's your hobby except billiards?

- Tennis. My biggest achievement is what I went through two rounds of St.Petersburg amateur tournament.

- I know you go to see ballet often. Is it out of the professional interest?

- Partially. I try to "peep" new beautiful poses, arabesques, "swallows".

- Did you have the time to go to the movies?

- Last time I went to see James Bond "Die Another Day". Nod bad a movie. I like actions, comedies, but especially Russian ones. Among my favorites - "Semnadtsat' mgnoveniy vesny" ["The seventeen instants of the spring", TV-series of the beginning of 70s, it's about a Russian spy at Nazi's while WW II, it's really a cult movie with a cult hero over here], "Oligarh" ["The Oligarch", something like a modern Russian "Citizen Kane"], "Banditsky Peterburg" ["Criminal St. Petersburg", TV-series, the story of an lawyer and a journalist, fighting against the mafia, if I'm not mistaken, I didn't saw it]. Even one of my programs based on the sound-track of that TV-series. I'd play a hero in movies with pleasure. It's my dream. But I'm not offered yet. I had a plan to enter the Theater Institute. But now need to get just one high education, so I'm studying in the Physical Culture one. Also I need to try to rest much for being in the sport as long as possible. The top I wanted to achieve isn't conquered yet.

- Olympic gold?

- Of course! And after that it's possible to dream. To go to the professionals. To stay in amateurs. Or even to open a restaurant with a discotheque.

Translated by Yulya (Pyatatchiok)



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