In a recurring set of interviews with Olympic Silver Medalist, Evgeni Plushenko, Ice Skating Magazine will follow the Russian Champion's quest throughout the 2002-2003 season as he attempts to regain his World title. As Evgeni tours with Champions on Ice in the off-season, we decided to take a more carefree approach to our first interview.

Who introduced you to skating?
My mother

How about other skaters? Do you have any skating heroes?
I looked up to Olympic champion, Viktor Petrenko

You were the 1998 European silver medalist but were not sent to the Olympics. How disappointing was that for you?
I was upset. I skated well at Europeans and felt I should have won. Russia only had two spots for Olympics.

After Ilia Kulik withdrew from World's, you went to that event for the first time and won a bronze medal. Were you surprised?
No. I thought I could medal if I skated well. I had some problems in the long program, but I was happy to get a medal there.

This season you tried the quad lutz in competition. How has this jump gone during practices?
Good. I felt good when I tried it. I almost landed it in my program in Germany.

Do you plan to keep continue trying the quad lutz?
Sure! Yes, I will keep trying it.

Do you think a five-revolution jump will ever happen?
Oh, yes. A five-revolution jump will happen. Not in my time though! But someone will do it.

Why did you switch your long program from Moulin Rouge to Carmen?
The fans loved Moulin Rouge but the judges did not understand it. I changed to music that was easier for the judges to understand. I worked on Carmen last summer.

How would you describe your overall feelings on the 2002 Olympics?
I was happy with my silver medal. I'm young. I have time to try again like in 2006.

You were in 4th place after the short program, how did you motivate yourself for the long program?
I don't know what happened in the short program. I went up for the quad jump and stopped turning after three revolutions. After, I talked to my coach and I felt ok. Alexei Urmanov was 6th after the short at Europeans and won.

Do you think people talk about your rivalry with Alexei Yagudin too much?
You know, I enjoy when people talk about the two of us. He is a great fighter on the ice.

How are you enjoying Champions on Ice?
I love it.

What are some of your favorite stops during the Champions on Ice tour?
I like Orlando, New York, and California.

How do you pass the time on your days off?
I like to play tennis. I go shopping, listen to music, and relaxing in the hot tub.

What are some of your favorite stores?
I like Versace and Dolce and Gabana.

Who are your friends in Champions on Ice?
I'm good friends with the Russian skaters, like Artur Dmitriev and Viktor Petrenko.

Who are some of your favorite singers?
Michael Jackson, Classical, Backstreet Boys...I like all music.

What's it like to have so many young girls with crushes on you?
I love it! It feels great!

What's your favorite program by you?

What is your favorite program by someone?
I liked Alexei Yagudin's short program to Winter at the Olympics. I also liked Alexei's programs to Man in the Iron Mask and Gladiator.

If you weren't skating, what profession would you like to try?
Another sport, maybe tennis or soccer.

Anything else you'd like to say to your fans?
Thank you to all my fans! (Blows kisses)

In the next issue, Evgeni will discuss next season's goals.

Favorite Book:
"Skyns, a Russian action novel"

Favorite Cartoon:
"Tom and Jerry"

"Always be your best"

If you could invite anyone in history for dinner, who would it be?
"The legend, Peter the Great"

Sports Heroes:
"Pavel Bure, Evgeny Kafelnikov and Viktor Petrenko"

Philosophy on Life:
"Always be close to your family"

Best advice you ever received:
"You can skate and you can win, but first you must work!"



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