June, 2002

- I think that you have the best technique but I wonder is one jump is more difficult than another?

- I think the hardest jump to do is the triple salchow. And of course all quad jumps.


- I would love to know what you think of your fans. How important are they?

- I am so happy to have fans. When people like my skating that is so good. I want to make the fans happy. I think it is important to have fans. Fans are what make me want to work harder and skate good. I appreciate the fans supporting me. And if no fans we would only have judges and that is not fun.


- What do you think a skater must have to become great?

- A skater must work hard to become great. Work hard and have consistent jumps. Also, artistry is important because it can help touch all the people.


- What is your favorite color?

- I like so many colors. I can not pick just one. I like red and blue and black.


- What is your favorite food and ice cream flavor?

- My favorite food is is Russian food and my mom's cooking. I love borsht and pelmini, chicken and potatoes. I also like Japanese food and sushi. I like all ice cream.


- What do you think about when you are skating a program? Are you totally focused on what you are doing or are you aware of the audience and if so does the audience reaction affect your performance?

- I am focused when I skate a program. I concentrate on each element, especially in competition. But I try to see audience because they relax me and make me happy when they are smiling and clapping. I try to be with them.



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