"International Skating Magazine" N2/2006
By Tatiana Flade

ISM: What is the most important trait of your character?

Evgeni: I▓m very goal-oriented, I achieve my goals, I like to work. I take myself serious. If something doesn▓t work out, you have to finish it, you have to force yourself. I▓m asking a lot of myself, but I think it helps.

ISM: What qualities do you appreciate in your friends?

Evgeni: My friends are loyal, honest and good. I have a lot of friends. They always help me when it is necessary with words and they▓re always there when I need them. I wish the same for everyone else.

ISM: Where do you see your weakness?

Evgeni: Weakness... Sometimes I▓m not too much controlled in practice. I can shout and get mad at myself. I think you can call this a weakness.

ISM: What is your favourite profession?

Evgeni: Figure skating is my profession without any doubt, because I dedicated my whole life to figure skating. This is my life, my passion, my favourite thing. When I▓m leaving skating, I▓ll probably look for another profession, for a new occupation. Of course, I▓m not leaving skating for now.

ISM: What is your dream of happiness?

Evgeni: My dream just has been fulfilled; it is the Olympic gold medal. Happiness are my beloved wife, my family, my parents, and the greatest happiness is if everyone is healthy. If my family is healthy, I▓m fine.

ISM: What would be the biggest misfortune?

Evgeni: Misfortune┘ Until now I can▓t imagine to be without my parents.

ISM: What do you want to be? Evgeni : I became what I wanted to be. I▓m a good athlete. I brought some things into figure skating. I▓m proud of that and I▓m happy with it. So I guess I became what I wanted to be.

ISM: In which country do you want to live?

Evgeni: I want to live in Russia, in St. Petersburg. Everything there works for me. I like it there. I think St. Petersburg and its architecture are beautiful, and the only thing that I don▓t like is the fact that we don▓t have nice weather! But I▓m feeling comfortable there, my friends are living there, it▓s my home. St. Petersburg is my city.

ISM: What is your favourite colour?

Evgeni: In general I prefer dark colours. But I don▓t really have favourite colour. For cars, I only like black. But apart from that┘ I▓m not picky, and if a colour looks good on me, I▓ll wear it.

ISM: Who are your idols?

Evgeni: My idol in figure skating is Viktor Petrenko. Outside of the sport, there is nobody whom I strive to follow and there are no idols. I always wanted to be myself.

ISM: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Evgeni: All kinds of music. I like chansons, pop, hip hop, I▓m sometimes listening to classical music. I▓m not picky again, I can listen to anything, but I don▓t like hard rock.

ISM: What do you hate?

Evgeni: I hate getting up early and going to practices. And there you have to skate and to skate well! That▓s why I don▓t like it. I like sleeping!

ISM: What talent would you like to have?

Evgeni: To be honest, I▓m not perfect, but I▓m happy and grateful that God gave me a talent and respect for my parents and elder people. So I think I just want to stay the person that I▓m now.

ISM: What is your motto?

Evgeni: To go forward and never take a step back. You always have to go forward and to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

ISM: If you meet God one day, what would you like him to tell you?

Evgeni: If I meet him one day, his words would be so personal and just for myself, and therefore it▓s not right to talk about that.



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