"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" February 22, 2008
By Nikolai Dolgopolov

Olympic and three-time World champion is seriously considering a comeback. Plushenko, who gained a little weight before, looks slender now. His mood is excellent and he has tons of plans.

- So, you are finally free?

- Who told you that?

- I read in the newspapers.

- You told me several times - Zhenya, please don't read the tabloids. It's not over yet. The process is moving, but I hope it'll end well soon.

- You lost weight.

- I lost four and a half kilos. Definitely four.

- How did you do it? Share with the older friend.

- There is only one way - run more. So I'm running every day, or almost every other day for 30 - 40 minutes. I still have to lose several kilos, and then it'll be it.

- Are you practising?

- Regularly. I performed in Swiss towns and in St. Moritz, did triple jumps and tried quad salchow. I am slowly getting in shape without forcing it.

- Did you tour with your own show?

- No, but maybe my show will come up too.

- How about your leg?

- There are some problems but it can't be problem-free and just easy.

- You missed this competitive season. What about the next one?

- I'll start from the very beginning. I'll go to a small competition around September, don't know which one yet. Then Grand Prix events, and if I do well - the Final. Nationals, Europeans, Worlds. You are giving me the look. I'm not just saying it. It's true.

- Are you still with Mishin?

- Who else. The chief says we'll go train to Tallin in the summer.

- Before, Alexei Nikolaevich and his group always went to a training camp in Switzerland.

- No, we also trained in Estonia. I have to find good music...

- Are you looking already?

- And we can't find anything yet. Everything starts with music.

- I thought it's more important for ice dancers and pairs.

- Music is very important. When you find something that fits you, everything goes well. I was promised some help, and I need help - costumes, rehabilitation, health care... I hope very much for our Federation [to help].

- You probably followed the national team. What do you think of this season?

- It's not over yet. Ice dance team won the Europeans and did a great job! Two pairs skating well. I followed the men competition closely and I'll say Voronov did great. He skated better than fourth place, but young skaters are always held down. My congratulations to his coach Lesha Urmanov, student of Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin. If it keeps up like that, Voronov will definitely get a medal. Only the girls are not doing much. I don't see anybody. It's not a catastrophe, but we'll have to catch up for a long time. I'll be back, get strong, and if I win the Worlds and 2010 Olympics, maybe Laureas Academy will name me as the best athlete of the year, just like Federer.

Translated by Trinity



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